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May 17, 2022
There’s still time to order your Year 11 Leaver’s Hoodies!

Year 11 Leaver’s Hoodies are so popular these days, it seems every school leaver wants one! With the Summer almost upon us you might think you’ve left it too late, but there’s still time to order your Year 11 hoodies for 2022 students, from the best supplier around – Hartland Hoodies!

Why do we say that we’re the best for Year 11 Leaver’s Hoodies? Because our growing list of customers tell us so. We provide Personalised Year 11 Leaver’s Hoodies, and other items of clothing, to hundreds of schools, nationwide. We offer great customer service, simple ordering processes, excellent quality products and brilliant prices.

Why is it important to give your kids the opportunity to have Year 11 Leaver’s Hoodies? There are many reasons:

  • They have become a real tradition
  • They are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase – you only finish Year 11 once!
  • They give the leavers a sense of belonging to a community
  • They cement the relationship with the school community
  • They provide a keepsake of all the names that they’ve spent the last few years with
  • They provide great, and tangible memories, to look back on in future years

And, best of all, they are warm and comfortable. The best thing to put on when you are cold, in a hurry, playing sport, or relaxing at home.

Using Hartland Hoodies means that you can relax as well. Once your school has agreed the hoodie details and created their account, you can sit back and relax because we will handle it all from there. We’re a family-run business, with children of our own and know all about the concerns of parents and school administrators, so we’re keen to take as much of the load off you as we can.

Aside from great quality products at really good prices, we also offer:

  • Simple, on-line ordering – just complete a simple form on our website and we’ll set up a ‘school leaver hoodie shop’ for you and provide login details that you can share with students/parents/carers
  • Easy ordering – Hartland Hoodies will collate all the information put on the orders for your 2023 Year 11 Leaver’s Hoodies and then arrange delivery, either to one central address or to individual student addresses
  • Guaranteed security – we comply with stringent data standards and handle payments safely and securely, whilst operating under the highest standards of customer care

And, we provide commission for fundraising – 5% on all hoodie sales through the online shop goes back to you to help in your fundraising efforts.

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