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About Hartland Hoodies

Here at Hartland Hoodies we’re proud to offer you our wide range of high-quality custom leavers’ hoodies.  

Hoodies are perfect for pupils transitioning from primary to secondary school, and for young adults going from school to college.  Not only that, they’re an outstanding way to celebrate the end of university.  

Hartland Hoodies create a sense of belonging and being part of a team.  They can preserve special memories of a happy time and cement the start of life-long friendships.

No wonder they’re so popular with our customers.

With large, durable print on the back and front and a draw cord at the neck, not to mention a cosy kangaroo pouch on the front, these are exceptionally easy- care garments.  To say nothing of being highly practical AND bang on-trend.

Our personalised hoodies are available in 24 colours and come in a wide range of sizes, from aged 7-8 for infants (without draw cords) to 5XL for adults. They’re luxuriously super-soft yet durable, made from hard wearing ring spun cotton and polyester on an 80%/20% ratio.  

Who Are Hartland Hoodies?

Hartland Hoodies is part of Hartland Promotions and is run by its founder and Director Sophie English, a busy Mum-of-three and product marketing specialist. What Sophie doesn’t know about the power of promotional products isn’t worth knowing.  She knows how the “hoodie thing” works, and she’s at your service to help if you’re a parent or school keen to choose THE perfect hoodies for your school.

Graphic of Sophie, her Husband and three children wearing Hartland Hoodies

Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Hartland Hoodies serves the needs of schools, colleges and parents throughout the UK.

Why Leavers’ Hoodies?

We love our hoodies.  

They’re an instantly recognisable, eye-catching way to create awareness of your school or college within your local community.  

That’s not all, though.

Hoodies for School Residential Trips and Ski Trips

Warm and easy to wear, our range of hoodies are ideal for those away-from-home trips, enabling instant team recognition and, we think, a good healthy bit of bonding in an unfamiliar situation.  What’s more, they’re excellent ID and play a role in keeping your young people safe.

How about…Hoodies for Freshers’ Week, sports trips, or other special occasions?  The choice is only limited to your imagination.

Money Back for Your School

Here at Hartland Hoodies, we know how expensive life can be, not only as a parent but how much-needed funds for schools are always on the agenda. So, we’re happy to offer a minimum of 5% commission paid directly to schools on the total sale of goods.

Also, talk to us about purchasing from us to sell directly to parents with your choice of mark- up.   We’d be happy for you to setup hoodie raffle prize draws, or their cash equivalent.

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