2024 school leavers celebration ideas

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March 20, 2023

Leaving school, that you have attended for up to 7 years, is a big step for anyone. Pupils often look forward to their school leaver’s day as a momentous occasion, and why not. They deserve to celebrate!

Leaving school is one thing, but it’s the personal relationships with friends that can have the biggest impact on kids. Whatever the feelings for any leaver, it’s important to mark the occasion.

But what are the latest trends for 2024 leavers celebration ideas?

2024 school leaver hoodies

Firstly, they’ll need a school leavers hoodie. Whether it’s a Year 6 Leavers, Year 11 Leavers or Year 13 Leavers. The hoodie is a great way to recognise the leavers occasion as well as provide a perfect reminder of those all-important school years.  The leavers hoodie will stay with them for the next part of their journey is often worn for years to come.

Celebration ideas for 2024 school leavers

  • Family celebrations for school leavers: some leavers, and their families, will want to ‘keep it small’ and have a smaller celebration. This might be either at home, at a favourite restaurant, at a favourite attraction, pamper venue or sporting event, or even going on holiday.
  • Celebrating school leavers with friends: medium-sized gatherings with extended family and/or a close circle of friends are very popular. Celebratory gatherings at your home, at a local venue or at a restaurant are easy to arrange and don’t have to be expensive – especially if families are close and happy to share the cost. Similarly, group bookings at local clubs, pubs and attractions are easy to arrange and can be great fun – a lovely way to spend an afternoon or early evening for the kids to let their hair down.
  • Larger gatherings: When whole classes or year groups decide to celebrate together, it puts a whole different perspective on matters. These can sometimes be arranged by Heads of Year, the School Secretaries, or perhaps the PTA/FO volunteers. Think larger venues or mini festivals with music, food and activities.

2024 school leaver celebration ideas

  • Put on a show – maybe involving some of the teachers or parents
  • Have a school leavers assembly – this could include prize giving, audience participation, short acts by the teachers, contributions from the pupils
  • Leavers party either at school or another venue. The US-style prom is becoming more popular
  • Make a video of highlights – this could include trips, teachers, events or music
  • Year 6 picnic or bar-b-que
  • Treasure hunt – these can be located around the school and incorporate various themed clues relating to their time at school
  • T-shirts specially produced for signing by pupils and teachers
  • Break the rules day – they’re allowed to eat in class, skip a lesson, have a takeaway lunch delivered into school
  • Photo book or yearbooks – again to highlight events, teachers and everyone in the year group as a great memento

It’s also a great opportunity to wear and show off their 2024 Leavers’ Hoodies, or other variation, because it may be the last time that they are all together – particularly for larger group gatherings. So, don’t forget to make sure that you have organised your Leavers’ Hoodies in plenty of time for the event!

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