5 great ideas for school fundraising in 2024

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December 5, 2022

Are you a PTA member, school fundraiser or teacher tasked with coming up with ideas for raising some much-needed funds?

As schools face ever-increasing pressure on their budgets, it’s important that they turn to innovative ways of raising additional funds in addition to the usual non-uniform days!

Cake sale

With cake or sweet donations given by members of the school community these are simple to organise and run. Children, parents/families, carers and teachers can all get involved, helping in your efforts to generate school fundraising funds!

Simply advertise the bake sale within the school community. Include a competition for the best cake or add a theme depending on the time of year. Ensure you publicise the event to make sure everyone brings lots of change in order to purchase the cakes.

The money made from cake sales are a great way to raise school funds and can be repeated several times a year, with different themes.

Personalised Hoodies  

Another great way of raising additional funds is partnering with a company such as Hartland Hoodies for personalised leavers hoodies or ski hoodies. These can be designed for Year 6 leavers, Year 11 leavers or Year 13s and even ski trips and other events.  The hoodies are sold to family members via an easy to set up on-line shop with the bonus that the PTA or school receives 5% commission on all orders.

In addition, schools can increase the initial pricing offered by Hartland. They can set a higher price to directly increase the level of commission they receive together with the benefit of additional profit which is paid directly to the school.    

A complimentary hoodie is supplied by Hartland Hoodies for every school shop that is opened. This can be used for gifting, supporting pupil premium or as a way of extra fundraising through a raffle or auction.


Auctions can easily bring in much-needed funds for your school. They are fun, versatile, profitable, and don’t require too much effort to organize.

Ask local businesses for donations of services or goods; local attractions for experiences; and your school community for donations.  

Here are some ideas:

  • Restaurant vouchers
  • Theme-park, cinema or theatre tickets
  • Spa packages
  • Gym memberships
  • Hampers of chocolates, local produce, or cases of wine
  • Signed memorabilia from local celebrities

The auction can be held in person or by using one of the online software platforms.
Auctions can be a lot of fun and, if held in person, can help to generate additional funds, for your school fundraising efforts, through the sale of food and drinks.

Sponsored events

From sponsored walks and runs to read-a-thons, fancy dress competitions and karaoke events there are so many ideas. It’s a great way to have a break from school routine and for students to generate funds either through sponsorship, or through entry fees.

Students might collect money from family and friends to sponsor them in a particular event such as a swim-a-thon where they pledge to swim a certain distance in return for donations.

Spelling Bees and Maths Challenges can also bring in school fundraising funds through team entry fees.

School Quiz Night

School (or inter-School) quizzes, or bingo nights can be a fun way to generate funds for school fundraising. Quizzes can either be held during school hours to the students or held after school for the families, or even other Schools, to get involved.

Ask for donations from local businesses or the school community for the prizes and awards.

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