How to choose a School Leaver Hoodie provider

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February 9, 2022

It can be daunting when thinking about the annual process of ordering school leaver hoodies. We’ve provided our handy guide of what to look out for:-

Look for a company with excellent reviews

The best companies will have excellent product reviews with a strong percentage of returning schools. Don’t get distracted by those companies that offer school leavers hoodies as a side-line. You need a reputable company that has specific experience of schools and the leavers hoodie personalisation requirements.

On-line shops

Using an on-line shop will ease the burden for the school. After the initial set up the on-line shop will mean that each of hoodie can be ordered directly by the student, family or carer. They can choose the colour, size, personalisation, payment method and delivery. All payments can be taken securely through the shop reducing the time and responsibility for the school. Once the shop has been closed the school will receive a summary report in case of any queries.

Best priced school leaver hoodies

Beware of the companies that are offering ‘cheap hoodies’. There is nothing worse than receiving a poor-quality hoodie that shrinks in the wash. An experienced company will be competitive but not cheap. The price should reflect the quality of the hoodie, the process of ordering, the delivery and after care service.

Design options

The best companies will offer a variety of practical design and personalisation options. Guiding you through the process when setting up the on-line shop you should look for a company that has great choice of colour and design options. Don’t forget to ensure you see a visual proof.

Delivery options

Different delivery options have been vital over the last few years. Ensure that your supplier can offer a variety of options – bulk to the school or individually to a home or other address. Ensuring that you have an online shop will make this far easier as the delivery address can be selected at the point of order. No longer does information have to be gathered using a spreadsheet

In summary

Hopefully this has given your school an idea of what to look out for when ordering your 2024 school leaver hoodies. If you would like any further information please take a look around our website or call us to discuss your requirements.

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