How to Customise Your School Leavers Hoodie

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May 20, 2024

Designing Memories: How to Customise Your School Leavers Hoodie

As the school year draws to a close, one of the most anticipated traditions is the leavers hoodies. It’s more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a keepsake filled with memories of laughter, learning, and friendship. But how do you make sure your hoodies stand out and truly reflects your personal style and school spirit? Hartland Hoodies offers a range of customisation options that allow students to create a hoodie that is uniquely theirs. Here’s your complete guide to customising your leavers hoodie.

Choose Your Style

Start by selecting the type of garment that suits your taste and needs. Each option offers comfort and style but caters to different preferences and weather conditions:

- Sweatshirt: Perfect for a simple, comfortable look that keeps the chills away.

- College Hoodie: The classic year 11 leavers hoodies choice that combines casual with cool.

- T-Shirt: Ideal for warmer days or for layering under a hoodie or jacket.

- Zip-Through Hoodie: Offers a practical and stylish option that’s easy to wear.

- Varsity Hoodie: Features a double fabric hood and adds an athletic edge to the traditional hoodie style.

Front Design Options

The front of your leavers hoodies is like the cover of your personal story. Choose how you want to showcase your school identity:

- Embroidered School Logo: Adds a touch of class and durability.

- Printed Logo: Gives a vibrant and eye-catching appeal.

- Small or Large Print on the Left Chest: Depending on how subtle or bold you want to be.

Back Design Options

The back of your hoodie is where you can really make a statement. It’s the canvas for your year’s collective memory:

- Large One-Colour Print: This can feature all the school leavers' names, creating a timeless memento. With over 15 designs to choose from, you can find the perfect layout that represents your class's spirit.

Additional Customisation

To make your hoodies uniquely yours, consider adding these personal touches:

- Initials on Front Left Chest: A sophisticated way to claim your hoodie.

- Name on Back: Stand out in the crowd with your name printed in bold.

- Name on Sleeve: An extra detail that adds a personal touch without overwhelming the overall design.

Why Customise?

Customising your hoodies not only boosts school spirit but also creates a personal memento of your school days. It’s about wearing your memories and showcasing your identity. Whether you opt for a subtle embroidered logo or go all out with a fully customised design, your leavers hoodie is a way to keep the spirit of your school years alive.

At Hartland Hoodies, we understand the importance of this tradition. That’s why we provide quality customisation options to make sure each hoodie is as unique as the individual wearing it. Ready to create your own leavers hoodie? Visit our order now page to start designing today, or give us a call at 07771 703247 for more information.

Remember, leavers hoodies aren't just worn, they are cherished. Celebrate the end of an era with something you’ll hold on to forever.

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