Refreshing Tips for How to Keep Cool This Summer

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June 27, 2024

Refreshing Tips for How to Keep Cool This Summer

As the days stretch longer, keeping cool becomes a top priority during the hot summer months. Whether you’re spending time outdoors, travelling, or just trying to stay comfortable at home, here are some essential tips to help you beat the heat. 

Stay Hydrated

Water is your best friend when temperatures rise, helping to regulate your body temperature and keep you hydrated. Carry a reusable water bottle and sip throughout the day, and don’t forget to ramp up your intake if you’re active or spending extra time in the sun.

Adjust Your Schedule

As you are probably now on your summer holiday from School, try to plan your day around the sun’s hottest hours. Schedule exercising, gardening, or other outdoor activities during the early morning or late evening when the temperatures are much cooler. If you need to be out during midday, try to find shade whenever you can or use a stylish umbrella for portable shade.

Be Aware of Your Sun Exposure

Protect yourself from the sun by wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen with at least SPF 30. These can help shield your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent sunburn, which often makes you feel even hotter.

Embrace the Summer Evening Breeze

More often than not, summer evenings bring a much needed drop in temperature. Make the most of these cooler hours by opening windows or spending time on patios or balconies to enjoy the breeze.

Your Hoodie Can Help!

You might be wondering, “How do leavers hoodies fit into summer?” Well, lightweight hoodies are excellent for summer evenings or in places with strong air conditioning, like the cinema or at the shops. They're easy to carry around and can be thrown on when the temperature dips at night or when you’re feeling chilly. A light, breathable  hoodie is also great for protecting your skin from the sun during the cooler times of the day.

So, while you’re keeping cool with all these tips, don’t forget to wear your leavers hoodies to keep you comfortable on those breezy summer nights. Stay cool and stylish this summer!

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