Choose Your Style: Leavers Hoodies and More for the Ultimate Send-Off

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April 5, 2024

Choose Your Style: Leavers Hoodies and More for the Ultimate Send-Off

It's that time of year again when school halls buzz with the excitement of leavers preparing to embark on their next adventure. At Hartland, we know that saying goodbye is a big moment. That's why we've got a wardrobe of options to make sure those last days are as memorable as the rest of your school years. Whether you're moving on from primary school, waving farewell to secondary, or stepping out of college, we've got you covered with our range of leavers' clothing options.

The Classic College Hoodie: Everyone's Favourite

The college hoodie: it's the Hartland Hoodie bread and butter, the crowd-pleaser, the ultimate leavers hoodie. There's a reason why it's the most popular pick for both primary school leavers hoodies and secondary school leavers hoodies. It's comfy, it's cosy, and it's got that timeless campus vibe down to a tee. Coming in a huge range of colours and customisable with your year, name, initials, or school logo, it's the school leavers go-to for keeping their school spirit alive.

The Sweatshirt: For the Low-Key Leaver

Not everyone wants to make a bold statement, and for those who prefer subtlety, our sweatshirt is the perfect choice. It's snug, it's stylish, and it slides effortlessly into any wardrobe. Customise it with your school colours and make it a staple piece you reach for to complement any outfit time and again.

The T-Shirt: Cool for the Summer

Looking for something light to commemorate your last day? Our leaver's t-shirt is just the solution you need. Ideal for those warmer summer days or layering under your college hoodie, the t-shirt is a versatile pick for both primary school leavers and secondary school leavers looking to keep it casual.

The Zip Through Hoodie: For Easy Style

For those who are always on the move, our zip-through hoodie combines convenience with comfort. Easy to slip on and off, this hoodie is practical for any event or outing. It's a great alternative to the classic pullover school leavers hoodie and a stylish option for those looking to maintain a little sophistication in their leavers’ wear.

The Varsity Hoodie: Sport the Spirit

Embrace the athletic aesthetic with our varsity hoodie. It’s sporty, it’s spirited, and it screams team school leavers. With its distinctive design and the ability to customise with your school colours, name, leavers year and even your initials, the varsity hoodie is a score for any leaver’s wardrobe.

Why Settle for One?

Why choose just one when you can have a whole range to suit your mood and style? Mix and match to commemorate your years at school with our entire collection. Leavers hoodies for primary school kids can be bright and fun, while secondary school leavers hoodies might be more subdued and mature, mirroring the journey from one life stage to the next.

So, whether you're in the market for primary school leavers hoodies, secondary school leavers hoodies, or something in between, we've got the variety you need to make the right choice. Start your leavers clothing journey with Hartland Hoodies,  browse our collection, and choose the leavers' clothing that feels right for you. After all, leaving school is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so let's make sure you look good doing it!

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