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May 17, 2022

Online Shops make ordering your hoodies so easy these days!

If you’re a school administrator/bursar, Year 11 or Year 6 teacher responsible for managing leavers hoodies, the last thing you want is to waste time researching suppliers or filling out endless forms. And then there’s all the complex issues of composing communications to parents /students. The end of an academic year brings enough headaches as it is, so getting a helping hand in sourcing and ordering Leaver’s clothing is always welcomed.

And that’s where Hartland Hoodies can help. We provide you with an online ordering system that is designed to take the pain out of sourcing and planning the purchase of your ‘Leaver’s Hoodies (or any other commemorative item you can think of).

Hartland Hoodies for all your leavers hoodies!

At Hartland Hoodies, we have a system that is better than other providers. Let us explain why ….

Being a family-run company, and being parents of school-age children ourselves, we have a ground-level perspective from a parents’ viewpoint; and, having been active members of our school PTA and now involvement with secondary schools, we also have the perspective from the organisers’ viewpoint. So, when developing Hartland Hoodies and, particularly when developing the website and parents’ portal, we knew exactly what was important to both the administrators and the parent/student users.

So, whether you are looking for 2024 Year 11 Leaver’s Hoodies, Year 6 Leaver's Hoodies or any other item of school or Club memorabilia, the key things are quality and simplicity.

Quality. All our clothing is made from the best quality materials at the very best prices, so you don’t need to worry about being disappointed.

Simplicity. We’ve set up our website with processes that make life as simple as possible:

  1. Getting started. Our online Enquiry form is simple and quick to complete. It gives us details of who you are and what your requirements are. Once you’ve filled it in, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and options
  2. Placing an order. Once we’ve agreed your requirements, the design can be agreed and your school uploaded. From there we will email you an artwork proof for approval
  3. Hoodie purchase. Once you’ve approved the proof, we will set up a bespoke online shop, which comes with a unique link and password. You can either send this to parents, for them to complete their details themselves, or you may decide to input them centrally

You’ll have the choice of 24 fantastic colours and 6 different designs to choose from.

We regularly receive positive reviews for our outstanding service and attention to detail. You can read them here and if you would more information, we are always happy to have a call.

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