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February 9, 2022

Hartland Hoodies make it so easy to order personalised leaver hoodies whether its Year 6, Year 11, or college or university hoodies. We’ll set up an ‘on-line shop’ specifically for your students. Individuals can view their design, choose their colour and pay for their own hoodies – taking the burden away from the school.

Simple on-line ordering

All we ask is that the school completes a simple form on our intuitive website. Once we have your info the team at Hartland Hoodies will set up your ‘school leaver hoodie shop’, issue you the login details which you can share with the students/parents/carers.

What could be simpler?

Easy school leaver hoodie ordering

Hartland Hoodies will collate all the information after the agreed close date, produce the hoodies and then arrange the delivery – either in bulk to one address or individually to the students nominated address. The whole process is so simple and efficient.

Secure and safe

We comply with stringent data standards and handle all ordering and payments in a safe and secure way. Our process is tried and tested as we have over 10 years of experience in the business and operate to the highest standards of customer care.

Commission for fundraising

Hartland Hoodies pays 5% commission on all hoodie sales from your online shop to support fundraising efforts. You can even raise the price of the hoodies to cover a direct donation from each sale.

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