Spring Into Style with Hartland Hoodies' Freshest Picks!

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April 5, 2024

Spring Into Style with Hartland Hoodies' Freshest Picks!

Spring is just around the corner, and we at Hartland Hoodies are all set to sprinkle some pastel magic into your junior leavers' wardrobe. Introducing our spring 2024 colours: Digital Lavender, Sherbert Lemon, and Baby Pink. 

Digital Lavender

This isn’t just any purple; it’s Digital Lavender – a purple with pizzazz, a violet gone viral! It's for every forward-thinking, trend-setting leaver who’s ready to make their way to success or simply look as cool as a cucumber.

Sherbert Lemon

When life gives you lemons, make it a hoodie! Sherbert Lemon is like a high-five in colour form. It’s the kind of yellow that doesn’t just whisper sunshine; it shouts it from the rooftops. This shade is all about bringing the zest back into learning and making sure the memories of school are as bright and bold as this hoodie.

Baby Pink

This colour is like a cuddle from your best friend from junior school, before you venture off into secondary school. It’s for the softies, the ones who’ve got their heads in the clouds and their feet in a pair of fluffy slippers. 

Why These Colours? 

These colours are cool, they’re calming, and they’re ready to make a statement. They’re as on-trend as the latest dance craze and as timeless as the joy of nailing that dance in front of your friends. 

So, as we roll into spring, let’s wrap ourselves in colours that make our hearts sing. Whether you’re a Digital Lavender lover, a Sherbert Lemon enthusiast, or a Baby Pink fan, we’ve got the perfect junior school leavers hoodie for you. Get ready to leap out of school and into your next big adventure with a Hartland Hoodie that’s as unique as your journey has been.

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