The production process for your school leaver's hoodies

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February 3, 2023

For most pupils, their leavers hoodies will be a treasured piece of their wardrobe. It will mark the end of an era. Be that Year 6 Leavers, Year 11 or even college or university leavers.

The leavers hoodies have an easy-going casual feel but are still great to wear out socially. Leavers feel snug and comfortable in it and the hoodie often remains a valuable item in their wardrobe or memory box for years to come. But what goes into the production process for your leaver’s hoodie?

The process for schools:

Step 1 – Your school

We’ll ask you to complete a few details on our online order form. The type of school you are (primary or senior), your school name and address, how you would like the delivery arranged and specific contact details for the person looking after the order from the school.

We will then ask you for the estimated order quantity, a jpeg of your school logo and a list of all the pupils that are about to leave.

Step 2 - Personalisation

The personalisation then kicks on! The design of the back print and your preference when it comes to colours. The school can choose to have all the hoodies in the same colour or whether to allow each pupil to choose their own colour.

Schools can also choose to stipulate the price and use the hoodies to gain additional fundraising or alternatively, use the price as displayed on the website. If the School would like to fund part or full amount of the hoodies, this can be arranged too. The online shop can still be set up to collect the orders and the school will be invoiced the outstanding amounts once all orders are received.  

Step 3 – The legal stuff

Hartland Hoodies have policies that cover terms, conditions and privacy which will need to be read and acknowledged before moving onto the next stage.

Step 4 – Parent/Carer communications

We recognise that time is never on your side. That is why we have used our 10 years of experience and built templated letters for parent communications.

We can supply you with an editable letter template that you can send to all your leavers parents/carers detailing the process for the ordering of the school hoodies.

Step 5 – Online shop

Once you have followed the above steps we will provide a link to your bespoke online shop.

The shop will remain open for a specified period. On closure of the shop, we will prepare a full artwork proof of how the front and back of the hoodie will look together with details of any nicknames and added personalisation. A summary detailing all orders received will be sent to the organiser for their approval. If there are orders that are still to be received, the organiser can choose to extend the ordering period within the online shop. Please note that this may affect the required delivery date

Step 6 – Printing and delivery

On approval of the proof we will commence the final production process and arrange the delivery. Each hoodie will be individually wrapped to help with the distribution and include handy information for washing instructions.

Step 7 – Payments

All payments are made direct by the parents. We will collate all the information and arrange to send a credit of any additional fund-raising amounts. Hartland Hoodies also provide the opportunity to receive 5% commission on your school leaver hoodie order. All mark ups and commission will be outlined on the order summary and will be sent once your school has provided details of the relevant bank account.

The process for parents and carers:

Once a secure online shop has been set up for a school and the link has been sent to parents/carers the process is simple when it comes to ordering your school leaver hoodie from Hartland Hoodies:-

Step 1 – Choose your colour

First up you need to decide on a colour and if this will the same for everyone, or if you want to allow each individual to choose their own colour. There is an extensive range of colours to think about. For Year 11 school leaver hoodies there are 79 colours to choose from, and 33 colours for Year 6 leavers hoddies.

Step 2 – Size matters

Our online shop offers a range of sizes. From smaller sizes for juniors through to a range of teenage and adult sizes. A detailed size chart, with 3 points of reference per size and a ‘how to measure’ diagram is available in the image section of the online shop for you to select the perfect size for your leavers hoodie.

Step 3 – Customisation

Many of our leaver’s hoodies have the full colour school logo or a leavers text embroidered on the front with the year printed in large on the reverse. The year will be outlined so that each individual leavers name can be added to the infill.

Custom options can be added by each school, such as sleeve printing, nicknames or initials to the front and reverse as well as delivery options for either delivery to individual homes, or as a bulk delivery to the school. Custom options are decided by the school organiser and one option is offered to the entire year group. Custom prints are optional per order, therefore if you don’t want it, you do not pay for it.

Step 4 – Permission

We add a tick box to enable permissions to be granted for every child’s name to be added to the printing.

Step 5 – Payment

Payments are made via the online shop at the point of ordering. Any additional chargeable personalisation requirements will be added so that there is one final amount at the checkout. There is no need to send your payment via the school. Our website will handle everything and provide the school with final order values on completion.

Step 6 – Delivery

Delivery can either be arranged to individual addresses or via a bulk delivery to the school. Each hoodie will be individually wrapped and labelled. Hartland Hoodies also include washing instructions to help with the continued care of your hoodie.

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