The Ultimate Guide to Organising a Group Order for Leavers Hoodies

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April 5, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Organising a Group Order for Leavers Hoodies

As your students approach the end of their school journey, one of the most cherished keepsakes they can have is a leavers hoodie. It's not just a garment; it's a memento of years spent learning, growing, and making lifelong friends. Organising a group order for leavers hoodies can be a fulfilling yet oftentimes a challenging task. That is why with Hartland Hoodies we strive to make your leavers hoodie experience hassle-free and simple for everyone. In this blog, we'll talk you through the process of organising a group order for your school’s leavers hoodies, ensuring that it's a smooth and enjoyable experience for both the organisers and the students, parents or carers involved. From selecting styles and designs to coordinating payments and distribution, this ultimate guide will help you create a lasting memory for your class.

Step 1: Create Your School's Online Shop

- Initial Setup: Work with Hartland Hoodies, in order to customise your school’s very own online leavers hoodie shop. This involves selecting your school’s hoodie styles, colour options (like the popular colours Jade and Desert Sand at the moment), and designs.

- Customisation Options: Allow your students to customise their own hoodie to suit their style. Enable personalisation of the hoodie within your online shop to let your pupils add their name or initials to the design of the leavers hoodie.

Step 2: Invite Parents/Carers/Students to Order

- Communication: Hartland Hoodies understands the stress of organising leavers hoodies, that is why we have a templated letter we can send to your school with a link to your own online shop. This allows everyone to be able to access the online shop and order their leavers hoodies hassle-free.

- Ease of Ordering: Once on the online shop the process of selecting, personalising, and paying for hoodies directly on the platform, has never been easier.

Step 3: Distribution

- Planning the Delivery: With Hartland Hoodies we give you the choice as to whether you would like school delivery or home delivery (at an extra charge) for your leavers hoodies.

- Distribution Day: If you choose school delivery, organise a day for students to collect their hoodies, ensuring a smooth and organised process. Typically results day, or the last day of term are popular ways of making sure everyone who ordered a hoodie receives it.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Leavers Hoodies

- Celebration: Why not celebrate your leavers by encouraging your students to wear their hoodies on a designated day?

- Photography: Make sure to organise a group photo session to capture this memorable moment. We would love to see everyone in their 2024 leavers hoodies!

By following these steps, the process of organising leavers hoodies becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience, ensuring everyone receives their personalised keepsakes with ease.

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