What to expect when ordering your Leavers Hoodies

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February 3, 2023

Customers of Hartland Hoodies always comment on our friendly approach and great knowledge ofschool leaver hoodie print. We have some excellent reviews, and many schools return year after year for their leavers hoodies as well as ski hoodies, club T-shirts and custom clothing.

Whether you are a returning school, a first-time researcher or a school that has had a bad experience with a supplier, we hope you find the information in this blog useful.

Here’s what to expect when ordering a school leaver hoodie from Hartland.

Why should we use Hartland Hoodies for our school leavers hoodies order?


We are obsessed about delivering Year 6 and Year 11 school leaver hoodies that pupils love to wear; parents and carers find easy to order; and schools have minimal input so that teachers can focus on teaching!

We are a family run business, with over 10 years of experience delivering school leaver hoodies, and want to maintain our high levels of customer satisfaction. From the point of setting up the on-line shop, through to delivery and even onto the washing instructions, we care about each and every order.

Our online shop removes the obstacles for schools and PTAs when it comes to personalisation, payments and delivery. Schools benefit from the quick and easy way that we process our orders from start to finish.

We even provide a complimentary hoodie with every school order. Some schools use it for gifting, some for raising additional funds and others to support pupil premium students. In addition, schools benefit from 5%commission on all sales to help support fundraising initiatives.


What leavers hoodies colours, sizes, designs can I choose? 

We have worked hard to source quality hoodies that are not only affordable, but also have a great choice of colours and options. 

Each school can choose from a range of hoodies that include zip through hoodies, varsity 2 tone hoodies, sweatshirts, plain hoodies and T-shirts. 

Once the style of hoodie has been selected each school can then choose the embroidery and print options they would like. 

For Year 11 school leaver hoodies there are 79 colours to choose from. Sizes start at XS and go up to XXL sizing options. These are perfect sizes for leavers hoodies for secondary schools, colleges and universities.  

For Year 6, or junior school, leaver hoodies we have 33 colours to choose from with age ranges from 7 through to 13 years. Adult sizes are available to order at a supplement charge if required. 

Visit our example online school leaver hoodie shop to see the range of choices we provide.


How to set up my leaver’s hoodies online shop?

Hartland Hoodies takes the pain out of gathering all the information when it comes to organising school leaver hoodies, club wear or other items of personalised school wear. No longer will you have to send out letters and keep manual spreadsheets.

Our team will set up a unique online shop specific to your requirements and selected design. On receipt of your completed order form we can provide a link to the shop for sharing with parents and carers. We even generate an editable letter with all the information that you will need to include. It can be used either as an email or in printed form.

There will be information on the sizing, colour and personalisation options. The shop remains open for as long as necessary to allow everyone the opportunity to place their order and make their payment. Once closed, we will gather all the information, provide an order summary detailing all orders and commission earned and keep you informed throughout the process.

Visit our example online shop for further information.


Leavers Hoodies delivery and returns

All our school leaver hoodies are individually packed and labelled for easy distribution. You can choose either home delivery or bulk delivery to your school.

From the point of setting up the shop we will keep you informed throughout the process.  

We recommend ordering as early as possible to avoid those last-minute panics. Our busiest times are from April through to June so the process can take longer during these months.  


When do I receive my leavers hoodies commission?

Once your online shop has been closed, the payments have been made and the hoodies delivered, we ask that you provide the account details for the commission to be paid to. 

Once we have these details, we can process the commission payment. We generally pay the commission by bank transfer but in some cases, we can send a cheque – that is all the time that cheques are still seen as valid ways of payment!

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