What Your Chosen Leavers Hoodie Colour Says About You

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March 19, 2024

What Your Chosen Leavers Hoodie Colour Says About You

Choosing the colour of your leavers hoodie is more than just a fashion statement; it's a reflection of your personality and journey as a school leaver. At Hartland Hoodies, we offer a wide range of colours, each with their own unique meaning. 

Let's delve into what your leavers hoodie colour signifies…

Fire Red

Bold and energetic, choosing a Fire Red leavers hoodie symbolises your passion and strength. It's for those who have approached their school years with openness and are ready to take on new challenges with the same attitude.

Sun Yellow

Opting for a Sun Yellow hoodie reflects a cheerful, optimistic personality. You're someone who has brightened the school experience for yourself and your other classmates and looks forward to a future filled with positivity.

Olive Green

Selecting Olive Green indicates a grounded, stable character. You value growth and have a deep connection to your roots, much like your school journey, which has shaped you into the wonderful person you are today.

Sky Blue

A Sky Blue hoodie is for those who value serenity and depth. Your school days were marked by a calm approach and a depth of thought, mirroring the tranquil colour blue you see in the sky.

Orange Crush

If Orange Crush is your choice, you're likely bold and confident. This colour represents your standout nature and how you've embraced your school years with enthusiasm and leadership.

Heather Grey

Choosing Heather Grey signifies sophistication and balance. You have a practical approach to life and value the subtle yet profound lessons your school years have taught you.

Jet Black

Jet Black is for the introspective and decisive. Your school journey may have been a time of personal discovery, preparing you for the decisive steps you'll take in your future.

Candyfloss Pink

A Candyfloss Pink hoodie suits someone who is compassionate and nurturing. Your time at school was likely spent building lasting relationships and caring for your studies and for those around you.

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue is a mark of wisdom and sincerity. As a school leaver, it shows your deep understanding and genuine approach to your studies and friendships.

Bottle Green

For the ambitious and determined, Bottle Green is your colour. It reflects the perseverance and drive you've shown throughout your school years.

Digital Lavender

Digital Lavender is the colour of creativity and individuality. Choosing this colour indicates that you've embraced your unique identity during your school years and are ready to showcase it to the world.

Baby Pink

Baby Pink reflects a gentle, artistic nature. It shows that your school years were spent embracing creativity and empathy, shaping a kind and creative individual.

Overall, your choice of leavers hoodie colour at Hartland Hoodies can be a reflection of your journey and experiences as a school leaver. Whether it's the fiery red of passion, the calmness of sky blue, or the creativity of digital lavender, each colour tells a story of your unique school journey.

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